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Watch Men Playing Cards In A Garage Fight Off Masked Robbers

by Nolan Hawk

Three Vietnamese men bravely fought off masked robbers who busted up their card game in an attempted armed theft.

The incident reportedly occurred at a residence on Alaska Street in Tacoma, Washington, and was captured on surveillance video from multiple angles.

Masked robbers target family card game

The footage revealed the heart-stopping moment when two masked robbers in hoodies entered the garage and one of them pointed a gun at the three men seated at a table filled with chips, cards, and a game board, in the cluttered garage.

In a tense exchange, one of the masked robbers shouted, “Freeze,” while the startled men pleaded, “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!”

Reacting with a mix of shock and defiance, one of the gamblers raised his hands halfway and uttered, “What the f**k, man?”

One of the men puts his cash on the table and the assailants were unimpressed at the amount. They then demanded the men hand over their phones, keys, and money.

As one of the men began emptying his jacket pockets, a masked robber gestured threateningly with his gun and struck one of the gamblers on the head.

Amidst their demands for the victims to “Hurry up” and give up their belongings, the situation escalated into a violent brawl.

Victims turn the tables on masked robbers

Just as the masked robbers ordered the men to “lay down” on the floor, one of the men leapt up, pushing the table and startling the robbers.

The other two men quickly followed suit, and were able to subdue the would-be robbers off camera.

In footage from a separate camera angled in a different direction of the garage, the three men can be seen tumbling over objects in the garage and piling on top of the assailants.

A camera located outside of the structure revealed an ensuing fight between all the men, which was broken up when the masked attacker’s accomplices showed up.

A participant of the card game disclosed that one of his fellow gamblers was his uncle and explained that other criminals were waiting outside in a getaway car during the incident. ‘

“There were 3-4 robbers involved in this crime. In the video, you can only see 2 of them inside, while the others were waiting in a car outside,” he commented on the video, which was shared on Instagram.

“What happened next is that after my uncles confronted the 2 robbers inside, one of them in the car intentionally hit one of my uncle’s cars in front of the garage to create chaos,” he explained. “Then, they all jumped on the car and fled.”

Masked robbers get away with help of co-conspirators

The situation took another dramatic turn when, after confronting the masked robbers inside, one of the assailants intentionally crashed into one of the uncle’s cars parked in front of the garage.

The distraction was enough to break up the fight and the robbers quickly fled, piling into the getaway car.

Authorities have since apprehended two of the suspects, although their names have not been disclosed. The police continue to investigate the incident.

The initial video, which has garnered more than 29,000 likes, was shared on Instagram by Asians With Attitude.

The account also uploaded two more angles of the violent confrontation, and another of the aftermath.

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