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Woman’s One-Armed Daughter Catches Her By The Foot After She Falls Off Cliff

by Nolan Hawk

A one-armed woman grabbed her mother by the foot after she went over a cliff on an Oregon trail and it was caught on video.

Taylor Root was on a hike near Multnomah Falls last Wednesday, when he passed a mother daughter duo walking on the same trail.

Seconds later, he heard them calling for help and ran back to see what was happening.

That’s when he saw that the mother had slipped off an extremely high cliff, and her daughter, who only had one arm, had miraculously been able to snag her by the foot before she plummeted below.

Taylor was wearing a GoPro on his trek, and managed to catch the entire ordeal on camera.

“Right away I jumped over her and I saw the other lady laying on her back, head was downhill as if you just sat on the trail and leaned yourself back. Feet were up in the air,” he told KPTV.

In the video, the mother can be heard saying that she couldn’t pull herself up, and the daughter remarked, “Mom, it’s going to be okay, we’re going to get you.”

As they paused to figure out how to get the dangling woman off of the cliff, she clearly believed that her time had come.

“It was sad because I distinctly remember her so vividly saying, ‘Just let me go,’ and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, she’s ready to die here,’” Root remarked.

They instructed the woman to grab his hand, and when he asked the daughter to grasp her mother’s other foot so they could pull her up, the woman informed him that she only had one arm.

Root pivoted quickly and managed to muscle her up the cliff with the help of the daughter.

“It was nuts,” he said about the rescue. “Right place, right time. There was nobody else around.”

The women embraced in relief at the end of the video, admitting the ordeal was “very scary.”

Root credited the fortune he received from a cookie at fast food chain Panda Express for prophesying his involvement in the rescue.

“You will have an opportunity to shine this week,” he said while holding up the fortune in his video. “They’re right every time.”

Both Root an the mother-daughter pair were extremely lucky that everybody involved survived the incident.

In an eerily similar situation earlier this month, a mother of two ended up plunging to her death off of a California waterfall, when she tried helping a teenager who slipped off the edge.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said that 48-year-old Sarah Crocker was hiking with four teenagers when one of them fell over the ledge of the rapidly cascading water.

When Crocker tried to save her, they both went over and she died from “multiple blunt force injuries” and drowning in the waterfall’s pool.

The girl she attempted to save was taken to a local trauma center be helicopter and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

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