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Pick Up Truck Driver Rescued Five Days After Vehicle Plunged Down 100-Foot Ravine

by Nolan Hawk

An injured pickup truck driver was miraculously rescued after spending nearly five days trapped at the bottom of a 100-foot ravine in Southern California.

The Kern County Fire Department received a report on Saturday morning about a vehicle found in a ravine off Comanche Point Road between Arvin and Stallion Springs.

Upon arrival, the rescue crews from KCFD Engine 48 and Patrol 48 discovered a severely damaged pickup truck with one occupant at the bottom of the steep cliff.

The trapped driver had been “immobilized”in the vehicle since the crash occurred on Tuesday.

The heroic rescue began when a firefighter was carefully lowered by rope into the ravine to assess the situation.

The firefighter found the driver trapped and immediately called for backup.

Three additional firefighters from KCFD’s USAR 47 were then lowered down to secure the patient in a stokes basket – a specialized gurney utilized to secure victims during technical rescues – before lifting him to safety.

The entire daring rescue operation involved a total of 21 skilled individuals, including four engines, six patrols, and one urban search and rescue team.

Video footage of the remarkable rescue shows the team of firefighters carefully bringing the injured driver up the ravine, ensuring his safety every step of the way.

The driver was quickly transported by ambulance to a nearby landing zone, where he was then airlifted to a nearby hospital for further medical evaluation and treatment.

The circumstances leading up to the crash remain unclear at this time, and the victim’s identity has not been released.

The extent of the driver’s injuries and current condition also remain undisclosed.

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