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Watch Florida Cops Save A Man From Sinking Car

by Nolan Hawk

A wild video caught brave Orlando police officers rescuing a trapped driver from a sinking car.

Last month, four Orlando officers were seen on body camera footage plunging into ominously dark water to rescue a distressed driver stuck in his rapidly sinking ride.

According to the Orlando Police Department, the unidentified driver managed to veer off the on-ramp leading to a busy highway at around 10 p.m. on Aug. 6, and drove his car into a retention pond.

When the officers arrived on the accident seen, they found the SUV partially submerged with the driver desperately trying to break the car windows to escape the rapidly sinking vehicle.

The sounds of his thumps on the glass were loud enough to be audible over the extremely noisy highway traffic.

One panicked cop could be hear yelling “He’s going down more,” as the car continued to descend into the water.

Without hesitation, two officers swiftly shed their bulletproof vests and utility belts, diving into the water to aid in freeing the trapped man.

Their rescue attempt almost went wrong when their extra body weight increased the speed the that the vehicle was sinking.

“Hey, careful! Careful! Hey the car’s moving, careful!” One of the two patrolmen who remained on the shore shouted.

Fortunately, the officers were able to get the man out of the car just as the entire front end of the car submerged.

Two other officers dove in the water with a rescue rope to aid in hauling the driver back to shore.

A team of cops on land pulled the yellow rescue rope and the drive away from the car, which was only visibly by the lit tail lights at that point.

As the group got closer to dry land, the driver slipped under the water, but one of the officers was able to grab him by the shirt and bring him back to the surface.

With the help of a group of officers on land, they made a human chain and dragged the driver out of the water and laid him on the grass.

He was silent for a tense second, before coughing up water and informing the officers that he was the only person in the vehicle, which had completely submerged at that point.

The Orlando Police Department shared the video on their Facebook page and happily reported that neither the driver or his aquatic rescuers had incurred any serious injuries from the accident.

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