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Missing Man In Motorcycle Accident Found By Friends Who Searched For Him Tirelessly

by Nolan Hawk

A Tennessee motorcycle accident victim was miraculously found alive after going missing for three days.

Taylor Boyle, who vanished while on his way to grab breakfast from McDonald’s, was found injured in a ditch he had been trapped in since going missing.

The 27-year-old was discovered by his friends around on the night of October 17, at the bottom of a 15 foot embankment about a mile away from his residence.

He was camouflaged beneath trees and shrubs, while conscious, but too injured to move for the duration of his ordeal.

Motorcycle accident victim injured but survives

First responders transported the injured biker to a local hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with a dislocated elbow, concussion, and a minor brain bleed.

Boyle had initially intended to meet up with friends before making a quick stop at a local McDonald’s to grab breakfast, but lost control of his motorcycle and swerved into a ditch.

He was reported missing to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office on October 15, when he failed to show up at his friend’s place or return home.

Rattled that Taylor went missing, his friends tirelessly searched for him alongside law enforcement authorities, and it was one of them who ultimately found him.

Missing motorcycle accident survivor alive because of friends

“On Tuesday evening, there were probably five vehicles with three to five people in each vehicle that kind of broke down in different areas of the town and started looking in ditches and ravines,” friend Cameron Williams told CNN.

After days of combing of the area, Boyle’s buddies stumbled upon his crashed blue Harley Davidson and him trapped in the ditch, with a bag of McDonald’s by his side.

“He was lying right here, his shirt and belt sitting here, I guess. This is where he was for two full days—60 hours,” friend Ryan French told a local news outlet.

“When I looked down in there, I didn’t see him at first and as I was panning out, I saw something sparkle — basically just saw the light reflect,” Buddy Brandon Lawson added. “And when I did, I looked back and I just saw the Harley wheel.”

“They were kind of scared, you know, what they might find when they got there,” Williams noted. “But he was awake.”

“All I was worried about doing was just finding him. Anything and everything that we had to do, as long as it took. We just had to find him, I knew he was out there,” French noted.

“It’s pretty crazy, honestly, as far as he was down here. And, as much as you can see from up here, it’s a miracle that we found him. I just praise God every day.”

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